Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Children's World Language Books

Interested in improving your Arabic? Have a child learning Arabic? Interested in reading an Arabic interpretation of some classic English children's books? Are you actually a native Arabic speaker longing for the lyrical letters of your native land? Look no further.

Okay, enough with the purple-prose advertising. I really am excited to announce that in our constant quest to improve and expand our collection into new areas we are now adding a Children's Arabic/World Languages section. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we recently acquired a couple collections of Arabic children's books. We are also in the process of attaining popular award-winning Children's picture books in Arabic, Arabic poetry books, traditional Arabic nursery rhymes, and other Arabic materials to better flesh-out this budding collection. Filled with world folk tales, children's stories, vocabulary builders and bilingual story books (so far), this section will be filled with materials to help Arabic language learners practice reading this beautiful language and returning enthusiasts dust off their latent abilities and read some amazing new books.

We are starting with some basics, stories that English speakers will recognize to help bolster understanding of the Arabic language. The idea is that if you understand the basics of what is happening within the stories, even if you don't understand all of the words, you can figure out what they mean by the context of story.

Obviously, this comes from the perspective of the English native learning Arabic. However, eventually this collection should and will become more than just an Arabic learning collection. For those of you looking to start learning the Arabic language, our regular adult collection does contain language learning programs and additional learning materials to better round out your experience. As for those of you already familiar with the Arabic script and language but perhaps may be a little rusty, both our Children's Language section and Adult Language section have materials that should help you along the way. Once more firmly established, the Children's Arabic/World Languages section, as its Adult counterpart has already begun, will also include materials on Islam in both Arabic and other languages to provide a more robust collection for all.

I hope to see you soon.

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