Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Reading at the IRC

     Summer has officially reached the IRC and we have been hard at work on summer programming for you. I'm proud to say our Summer Reading Program has had a strong start as has the Summer Story Time.

Summer Reading Participants Reading for Fun
    The IRC's Summer Reading Program has managed to reach over 40 kids this year so far! For such a small, but growing organization, that is a lot of kids. And these children aren't just plentiful, they are exuberant and enthusiastic. They don't even wait to go home to read, but make their own space of our facility and read stacks of books while their parents do their own library visit. I think this year might just be the most successful year yet and it isn't even halfway over.

Summer Storytime Participants Getting to Know Each Other
     The Summer Story Time program has been equally successful so far. In this last session, we had over 60 people show up for the event. It has been so successful in fact that we are planning to make this a year-round program. This wouldn't be possible without the support of our community and the help of volunteers.

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