Thursday, November 3, 2016

One More ReasonTo Visit

Here at the Islamic Resource Center, things have really been hopping lately. For the past few months we have been gearing up both for the annual Fundraising Dinner (December 3rd) and working on making it all the way to our 3000th resource and we are almost there.

While we're at it, we have also been looking at how to give you even more reasons to look forward to visiting our center and I'm proud to announce the inclusion of cookbooks! Now, not only are we changing up the lineup of what cookbooks are going to be available in our bookstore, we are also adding them to our library so that you can check them out and see how wonderful these beautiful books really are.

Here is a look at just a couple of these stunning new tomes of delectable delicacies:

Image resultImage result for flavours of aleppoFlavours of Aleppo, by Dalal Kade-Badra & Elle Badra, is a cookbook thousands of years in the making. Inspired and influenced by Arab, Asian, European and Levant cuisine, the recipes within come from the traditions of one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Melded seamlessly with modern North American cooking techniques, Flavours of Aleppo brings the tradition of Syrian cuisine to the tables of today.

Image result for my halal kitchenMy Halal Kitchen, by Yvonne Maffei, is a collection of more than 100 healthy recipes -- from American comfort food to classic international fare -- that prove halal meals can be diverse, accessible, and delicious.

My Cape Malay Kitchen: Cooking for my father in My Cape Malay Kitchen by [Isaacs, Cariema]The magical difference between food prepared in a restaurant and that in a home kitchen for family and friends, is a little ingredient called love. And love is most evident in what is essentially Cariema Isaacs’s tribute to her late father as she shares their mutual passion for food and cooking, as well as their Cape Malay heritage. My Cape Malay Kitchen is a breathtakingly beautiful presentation of some 80 traditional Cape Malay recipes as well as a selection of modern dishes. These are accompanied by Cariema’s depiction of her childhood growing up in Bo-Kaap – the Cape Malay Quarter of Cape Town. She includes the religious and cultural ceremonies, as well as events that have shaped the Cape Malay community into the unique community it is today. But My Cape Malay Kitchen is still a cookbook, packed with flavourful food, richly spiced curries, indulgent cakes and decadent desserts, all illustrated with truly inspirational photography.

I hope the gorgeous photographs and thoughts of adventures in cuisine help inspire you and bring you in to visit our center today.

See you soon!

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