Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Jannah Jewels Have Come to the IRC

"An Ancient Map. A Golden Clock. Restoring Peace on Earth."

Four modern girls explore famous times and locations around the world in an effort to retrieve artifacts, outsmart an evil mastermind and restore peace to the world.

Meet the girls of Jannah Jewels:

Hidayah is an excelent archer with intense sight and spiritual insight. Leader of the Jannah Jewels, Hidayah caries the Ancient compass and map to guide them along their journey.

Iman, a lover of knowledge and avid horseback rider with the ability to communicate with animals, carries the Book of Knowledge. She loves animals and is always looking to learn something new.

Sara is the environmentalist. At home in the water, Sara has the ability to breath under water for long periods. Sara loves the earth and wants to "keep it healthy and green."

Jaide is a speedster at heart. The artist of the group and keeper of the Time Travel Watch, Jaide is never without her sketchpad, skateboard or a healthy snack.

The Jannah Jewels series is sure to find its way into your hearts as the girls travel the world, from Timbuktu to Ancient China, Baghdad, and Spain, learn about important events in Islamic history, work together to solve problems and discover they are stronger than they think. Come in to the Islamic Resource Center and borrow or buy your copy today.

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