Monday, April 13, 2015

Nasreddin Hodja books for all ages

Every religion and culture has its own folk heroes and fools. For much of the Islamic world, Nasreddin Hodja is that character. He was a wise man from Anatolia whose jokes make you "think, laugh, and learn" (Demir Cengiz).


I'm Not Sleepy Yet
Written by Demir Cengiz
     Nasreddin Hodja visited a family in a village. There he performed the night prayer. After chatting for a while, the house owner wanted to remind him it was bedtime.
     "Nasreddin Hodja, why does a person yawn?"
     Hodja, who was rather hungry, responded "Because of either hunger or sleeplessness."
     After forcing himself to yawn, he added: "But I'm not sleepy yet."


Here at the Islamic Resource Center, we aren't tired either. Our quest to satisfy your hunger for books knows no bounds. We have an excellent collection of Nasreddin Hodja books for all ages. They all have that characteristic humor we've come to know and love from all his stories. Borrow one from our library to read today or buy one as a gift. They'll keep you chuckling over his antics even after you've closed the book.

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