Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Wanted 18 Opens Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks the first showing of "The Wanted 18." Tickets are $6 at the door and screening starts at 7pm at the Oriental Theatre. This final film in our festival series #MMFilmFest is so new that trailers were officially released only one month before the festival began!
Told through claymation, "The Wanted 18" tells the story of a group of "pacifist intellectuals and professionals" from the Palestinian West Bank that wanted local alternatives to Israeli goods, purchased 18 cows and transported them to the West Bank, and through trial and error create a dairy co-op. This act of defiance doesn't go unnoticed. After raiding the dairy, Israeli officials photograph the cattle and declare the cattle "a threat to the State of Israel."
If you can't make it to tomorrow, have no fear. The film will be showing again 7PM Thursday, April 23 at the UWM Union Theatre. UWM students receive free entrance to the Union Theatre.

Again, this is the final film in our film series. Let's make this showing the best one yet!

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